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AI Solutions


We offer several AI Solutions that are dedicated to enhancing your capabilities and security!

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Chemical Recon and Custom Object Detection

  • Allows rapid profiling of chemical/biological lab equipment on target in real-time

  • Works both online/offline and via smart devices

  • Trained from 9,000+ images and uses a proprietary Al to detect various lab equipment including separatory funnels, heating mantles, and flasks

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is used to identify labels, gather text data, and provide real-time translation for the operator.

  • Video feed and voice communication allows operators the ability to coordinate various mission types effectively.

AI Geo-location, and Smartwatch Health Metrics

  • AI system for Fire/Police/Military that collects and reports health, biometric, and geospatial data for safety and accountability.

  • Runs current mission/event data and cross referenced historical heath metrics on each person to give accurate health assessments in near real time.

  • Allows for health and location tracking that incorporates everything from heart rate, temperature, VO2, and GPS for maximum performance and health

  •  Uses AI to collect and manage multiple streams of data and generate a clear picture to help leadership make better decisions in a crisis.

Smart Watch
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Weapon and Threat Detection AI

  • Increases the situational awareness of response forces through advanced AI threat detection and automated threat alerting.

  • Detects weapons and suspicious behavior including shootings, fights, and accidents.

  • Can be used with aerial assets such as drones, rotary or fixed winged aircraft.

  • Can be used in body-cameras, CCTV, vehicles, drones, and aircraft.

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